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How would a vegan react to being marooned on an island, where it would be necessary to eat wild animals in order to survive?






How would a carnist react to being marooned on a planet abundant with fresh fruit, vegetables, beans, nuts and countless other vegan food sources where it is absolutely not necessary to eat any sentient being to survive? 

The difference between our questions is that your scenario is incredibly unlikely to ever happen and mine is the choice you face right now.


Ask a stupid question get a sarcastic but totally realistic answer

Exceeeept we ‘carnist’ are actually omnivores. I know no one who survives on meat alone. And you know what else eats meat? Oh, right, other animals. We have teeth of both a plant and meat eater, so we are meant to eat both. If you don’t want to, then fine. Your choice and I respect that. But I am not ‘evil’ for eating another animal. Here on planet Earth thinks kill other things. Part of nature.

Okay, there’s quite a lot to talk about here.

FIRSTLY, let’s discus your use of the word ‘carnist’. CARNIST IS NOT THE SAME AS CARNIVORE. Carnism is a term used to replace the word ‘omnivore’ as it more accurately describes the relationship between humans and the animals they are consuming. Words such as ‘herbivore’, ‘omnivore’ and ‘carnivore’ indicate a biological predisposition towards a certain type of diet, whereas words such as ‘vegan’, ‘vegetarian’ and ‘carnist’ highlight a dietary choice centred around personal belief. The word ‘carnist’ simply highlights the fact that eating animals is a choice based on the belief that it is acceptable to use animals for human purposes and NOT an inescapable biological need.

SECONDLY, let’s briefly examine your claim that the way we consume animal products is ‘natural’. Many carnists I have talked to like the throw this idea into the mix; that somehow a lion hunting and killing a zebra in the wild is comparable to killing billions of animals globally in the production lines of slaughterhouses. These animals are as far removed from nature as it is possible to be; they are conceived unnaturally, they are raised in an unnatural environment, are fed unnatural food sources, have unnaturally short lifespans and are killed very, very unnaturally. The conditions that exist in the meat and dairy industries DO NOT exist in nature.

THIRDLY, TEETH. This argument is ALWAYS brought up, and never fails to make me laugh. Our teeth only prove that we evolved to be opportunistic omnivores. The rather tiny and pathetic canines that we have are not capable of ripping and tearing into huge, unrefined chunks of flesh. Have a feel of your own teeth if you need any further proof-our canines are short and blunted, completely dissimilar to the impressive canines that can be seen in wild carnivores. The teeth that can be seen in the humans of today are specifically designed for eating mostly or exclusively plant-based foods.

FINALLY, I must ask you to challenge the way you perceive non-human animals as a whole. They are sentient and should not be used as commodities or objectified by humans. Please, do some research and make a some changes.


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Bow down to the Queen

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